Provide Much Better Customer Service
in Far Less Time, At Any Scale


Client engagement with providing real-time responses and efficient automated documentation.


Effortlessly through a user-friendly portal with all agent systems for fast, high-quality work at scale.


Agents with order, eliminating miscommunication among travelers, approvers, and travel managers.


Workflows – no more cumbersome email threads enhances efficiency and clarity from proposal to invoicing.


Each client organization's travel policy and SLA adherence.

Measurable Benefits for Agents & Their Clients

Save your customers ~20% with real-time insights & alerts to optimize travel spend per trip or period

Easily apply corporate travel policies tailored to serve business, regional or department requirements

Scale to support higher turnover 

with booking and spend automation automagically tailored to client needs

Streamline proposals

without the emails back & forth

Book in minutes with policy-approved travel options & 100% policy compliance

Transparent & seamless between companies, agents and travelers

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Automagically integrating your corporate travel suppliers, tools and technologies so you don’t need to

To provide outstanding customer service, for even the most dynamic travel needs


"TAS system is the first choice of our corporate clients in ISR. The system optimize organizational processes leading to cost saving. Enables optimal control and enforcement of the company’s travel policy. An orderly and documented process including changes and cancelations The system has a travel and expense platforms in one stop shop. Signal tours as one of the leading global TMCs in Israel work side by side with the great team of TripEX."


"Tas Agent help bring order and eliminate miscommunication with the travelers , approvers and travel managers in the company. No more emails and email threads and chains. Keeps the process simple."


"As a leading Global TMC we highly recommend ComBtas as a travel management platform to our clients. Your dedicated team of professionals provide outstanding service and support and have a can-do attitude for any query or obstacle at hand. Our wide range of clients using your platform also provide us with excellent feedback from the tool and support."


"Since TripEX introduced its business travel solution in the Philippines, we have embraced the opportunity to innovate and improve our client interactions. We made the right choice by adopting the TAS Agent for our business, which has allowed us to seamlessly integrate our 44 years of experience in travel services with this technology. Thanks to the TAS Agent, our manual communication with clients regarding pre-trip booking details has significantly decreased, saving time and resources for both parties. All the necessary data are readily available within the system, making it much easier for us to create booking proposals. With the TAS Agent system, we can quickly review and handle requests for proposals, issuances, changes, and cancellations for our clients. Our clients find the Online Booking Tool (OBT) very appealing, as it allows them to independently select their preferred flights and hotels in real-time."

The powerful platform for corporate travelers
with their preferred agent service

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