The Robust Corporate Travel Platform Your Customers Will Adore You For

Effortless Proposals

streamlines proposal generation, providing travel agents seamless access to comprehensive proposals, corporate rates, remarks, and traveler information.

Accurate Invoicing

prioritizes client and agency protection with integrated safeguards against time limit falls & SLA compliance, and accurate billing for each client and traveler with automated statement match & invoice reconciliation.

Efficient Reservations

optimized reservation management to serve every customers with an online booking tool that enforces policies and incorporates corporate rates.

Discover a seamless experience with TripEx's Proposals & Reservations feature. Effortlessly create and manage travel proposals, ensuring precision and compliance with corporate policies. Our intuitive platform empowers you to streamline the reservation process, providing your clients with a hassle-free booking experience from start to finish.

Transform your invoicing process with TripEx's innovative solutions. Say goodbye to manual invoicing and embrace automation for accurate and efficient billing. Our platform enables you to generate invoices with ease, ensuring timely payments and improved cash flow management. Experience unparalleled convenience and reliability with TripEx Invoicing.

Optimizes and streamlines the booking process experience thoroughly. The data is accessible to the user in the most intuitive and convenient way while monitoring and enforcing the organization's travel policy.

TripEX Works For You
To Provide Higher Quality Service, In Less Time



Alerts of local issues, risk and dangers at planned destinations


How many, how & who are travelling where

TripEX Agent automagically integrates your corporate travel suppliers,tools and technologies

Giving Your Customers Online Access To Your Offers While Maintaining Your Special Service Value

  • Diverse choice – a wide range of travel options including flights, hotels, car rentals and more from various service providers including specialized and budget-friendly options
  • Competitive pricing – comparing prices across multiple providers, ensuring travelers get best deals
  • Personalization – with trip customization of services and amenities like seat selection, special meals, etc, all within pre-approved company policies and preferences
  • Efficiency – streamlining booking processes by consolidating information, direct airline communication for faster issue resolution, reducing time & effort by enabling travelers to independently access their travel agents offers
  • Global reach – offering access to a wide network of global providers making it easier to book and manage international and multi-destination trips with complex itineraries

  • Real-time updates – flight availability, delays, cancellations and other critical timely information is available directly to travelers regardless of their agents work or sleep hours

  • Streamlined reporting – automagically generating reports, tracking business expenses and analyzing travel patterns for individuals, departments and companies for cost optimization

The powerful platform for corporate travelers
with their preferred agent service

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