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Easy online booking or via-agent booking within pre-approved company policy.

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Intuitive, flexible & built for seamless traveler - agent collaboration.

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Save time & cost with proactive planning and automated reporting.

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For organizations with even the most demanding travel needs and their preferred agents serving them

Empowering business travelers & travel agents

Effective cost savings on a per-trip and per-period basis

Robust, flexible and secured

All you need from policy to bookings to statements

TripEX works for you

From policy creation to booking to spend statement reconciliation

Save ~20% with real-time insights & alerts to optimize travel spend per trip or period

Transparent & seamless between companies, agents and travelers

Automation from policy creation to booking to spend statement reconciliation

Book in minutes with policy-approved travel options & 100% policy compliance

Reconcile expenses / VAT / GST/ in minutes with our streamlined automation.

Easily apply corporate travel policies tailored to serve business, regional or department requirements

Leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to gain a deeper understanding of your travel data.

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The only platform loved by corporate travelers, management and agents

Save significant cost and time with transparent collaboration between travelers and agents. Enjoy 100% policy compliance.

For companies, travelers & your preferred agents

Scales effortlessly, maximizing profit while offering clients unbeatable prices within their corporate policies.

Best flights, accommodation & timing options to suit your travel needs all within pre-approved corporate policy.


“Elbit systems is a multi domestic corporation that includes several business entities. Complex implementation – different policy per entity. Complex technological solution because of required secure environment.”


“TripEX was the only supplier that was able to provide Electra with an answer to manage and simplify our end to end corporate travel according to our company culture including an expense management solution for all our subsidiaries.”


“TripEX was the best solution for our specific and unique requirements and the best match to our worldwide branches.”


“TripEX successfully manages to support our complicated worldwide business travel operation while allowing us to be flexible and move fast as we grow.”